My background is diverse as you can see by this timeline.

The short version:

Freelance Web and Marketing Professional (4 years)

Owner of FlyFitters Manufacturing (7 years)

Financial Advisor (10 years)

16 May 201610:10 AM

Began Working with R&K Solutions

We converted their old content management system to Joomla.  We used the same colors but updated the look and usablility.rksolutionshome

17 September 201410:10 AM

Began Working with Adventure Hobbies and Toys

I help Adventure Hobbies and Toys manage their Magento ECommerce Platform and Amazon Linker.adventurehobbiesandtoyshome

04 March 201310:10 AM

Began Working with AOA Fishing

We create a new website including a calender and responsive design.aoafishinghome

01 November 20123:30 PM

Started Working as a Freelance Marketing and Web Professional

Provide Marketing Services to small business clients. My organization acts as a marketing/web department for businesses not big enough to hire a full time marketing staff, but in need of professional help. Our services include web design, graphic design, content management, web development, project media and social media marketing. We provide consultative, analytical, and evaluation data on marketing impact via various media.
31 October 201210:10 AM

FlyFitters is Closed

After 8 years I decided to close FlyFitters.  It was not an easy decision.  The business have several things working against it.  The building we were leasing was placed up for sale, oil prices where climbing out of control and the cost to manufacture products was rising weekly.  We lost our largest account when the went directly to one of our suppliers.  It was the perfect storm which I was not interested in weathering.  My passion was in sales, marketing and the web so it made sense to make a change.

15 October 200610:10 AM

Moved FlyFitters for a 7000 Square Foot Building in Vinton Virginia

After aquiring large accounts including Bass Pro Shop, Eagle Claw and European distributors the business was moved and I purchased a large KOMO industrial CNC Router.

01 August 200512:00 AM

Founded FlyFitters

Founded Fly-Fitters manufacturing company. Attracted and maintained over 400 retail clients through marketing, relationship-building, and providing excellent customer service.
15 October 200310:10 AM

NBC Bank - Financial Advisor - Roanoke Virginia

I really enjoyed working for John Register and the management at NBC Bank.  However, after about 10 months it was announced that Suntrust Bank would be purchasing us.  I was given the worlds worse manager and knew that it would be best if I left the bank and did my own thing.  My wife and I were planning on starting a family and it would give me flexiblity. 

30 March 200110:10 AM

Sky Bank - Financial Advisor - Wintersville Ohio

I moved back to Pittsburgh and took a position with a regional bank.  I learned a ton, had some incredible clients, made a bunch of friends and met my wife.  The weather in Pittsburgh is.. Not Great so my wife and I decided to move south to start a family. 

25 February 200010:10 AM

First Union - Financial Sales and Service - Raleigh North Carolina

I spent just over a year at First Union selling loan and investment products to businesses and individuals.  It took about a month for me to figure out that maybe this wasn't a long term job.  We sold loans to everyone and rarely did I talk to anyone with investable assests.

30 April 199910:10 AM

Parkvale Bank - Financial Advisor - Pittsburgh

I was initially hired as an assist manager but was transferred to the investment department soon after being hired.  This was my first real break.  We moved the division into a new office, expanded the staff and I was given a territory of four bank branches.  After about two years, the bank was headed for a management change and I was looking for a new challenge so I moved to Raleigh North Carolina.

05 November 199610:10 AM

Became Licenses to Sell Investments

After spending a year in banking, I realized that the financial advisors had the best job at the bank so I left Mellon to get my Series 7 and Series 63 license to sell securities.

30 October 199510:10 AM

Started My Career in Banking at Mellon Bank Outside of Pittsburgh

I took a job as a bank teller in the fall of 1995.  Within 3 months I was promoted and became licensed to sell insurance within 9 months.