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roselite site sample

Web Design

People have more options then ever when it comes to web design.  I am not the average web designer. I don't plug your information into a pre-made template and pass it off as custom.  If you are interested in just putting something up online, you can find tons of DIY options that are fairly user friendly.  I design and build responsive sites with you and the site user in mind.  I consider how the users will interact with the site and how to structure content to get better search results.  I can easily add options like memberships, ecommerce, questionnaires, polls, etc.

I use Joomla to create a majority of the websites I build because it offers a ton of flexiblity.  I own a ton of modules and plugins which my clients can share so that keeps costs down.  Also, it is open source (free) and can be ran on just about any server.  Most of my clients pay less then $50 per year for hosting, domain registration, security and backups.

The image to the right is a screenshot of Roselite Packaging.  It is a full ecommerce site offering hundreds of product to customers around the world.

wordpress administation page

Content Management

I offer Content Management services on every website I create.  It is possible for pretty much anyone to update a website with a little training and guidence.  The problem is that most people just don't have the time or want to take the time update it.  

To the Left is an administration section of a Wordpress site.  Most people don't look at this page and think... I can't wait to figure all that out.  That is were I can help.

Refresh Pillow Image

Graphic Design

Any marketing needs to look current. Good brochures, postcards, booklets, websites, etc. need to match and they will produce results. Many times people don't do marketing because they don't get the responses they expect but they are using old outdated looking materials. I can use graphic design software and I have an eye for design. However, I don't consider myself a graphic designer.  

I feel that designers start with a blank canvas and create something from scratch.  I almost always start with abd existing brochure or idea.  

I hire people for create logos and to create complex designs.  The image to the right a poster that we created for a tradeshow.  It includes a pillow character that a artist I work with created.  We added the client logos and some additional matching graphics.  

Google Keyword Planner

Content Creation

Websites need good relevent content which comes by knowing the topic and planning ahead.  Google offers several really good tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Webmaster tools to help assist in structuring content.  I use these free tools to help better understand the items people are searching for to find you, your products or your services.

Many times I will engage a content writer to help organize, proof read and structure information.  It helps create a second perspective and can assist in creating better content.

Read Mountain Postcard

Direct Mail

Direct Mail can be an effective and cost effective way to reach new customers but the design and message are important. This is a example of a direct mail piece done for Read Mountain Swim Club.

This started as a stock car wash postcard.  I could have designed the splash but that would have taken time.  Instead I flipped the image, changed the fonts, colors, images and some added content.  This postcard was mailed to about 1,000 local families.  The cost for printing, mailing list and postage was about $800 and return about $2,700 in the first 15 days.



The largest advancements in the past few years has been the ability to track user behavior and location.  Google provides an incredible amount of information about visitors to help us manage content, design and advertising.

I work with clients to help them understand what all the data means, how it compares to other sites and what they can do to increase traffic and create a better user interaction.


Web Advertising

Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and Twitter ads can be an effective way to reach new customers.  These accounts need to be managed daily/weekly to manage the expense and to monitor effectiveness.

I work with an account manager at Google to help create effective ads and campaigns.


JoomlaWordpressDrupalMagentoOpenCartOther Platforms


By Far my favorite platform for building website. I have used it since 2006 and it just keeps getting better. I pair with several different modules to use it for commerce site, educational platforms and even social networks. The Gantry 5 design framework makes it possible to make design changes quickly saving clients time and money.



I have been working with Wordpress sites since 2008. AOA Fishing is an example of a site built several years ago. Wordpress is a very good open source content management syste. I still manage content on a few sites that use wordpress but I enjoy using Joomla and some other platforms much more.



Currently, there are no Drupal sites online that I have designed. I do manage content on a Drupal site for a client but I was not part of the design. I have worked with Drupal and I am familiar with the admin panel, file structure and layout.  


Magento is a extremely powerful ECommerce Platform. I consult on a few Magento sites including Adventure Hobbies and Toys. With all the power, Magento site can be confusing and sometimes the smallest task can take hours to complete. I recommend using it only if you have someone that can dedicate several hours a week to making it function at full capacity.
Mojo Sports


I love OpenCart for ECommerce only sites. It offers all the power that any ECommerce site would need, good SEO results, inexpensive plugins for specialty needs and products are easy to manage. Overall the best commerce platform available. I have used it for several clients and I used it on the ECommerce site that I ran from my manufacturing company.

Other Platforms

There are probably over a hundred different platforms being used today to build sites. I have used probably over 25 of them from all in one packages like Wix and Square to the industry specific solutions. It pretty much all comes down to the look and feel and knowing html/css. I learn pretty much anything and can save you time and money because I have a knowledge base to draw.


Here are a few common software programs that I use on a daily basis. We all have our favorites. I use Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Illustrator multiple times a day.








Ms Word

Ms Excel

Ms Outlook

Ms PowerPoint

Intuit Quickbooks